Care and Support Team

Julie Holder - SENCO and Phase Leader

My role as Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is to ensure all children are fully included in school and any additional educational needs or special educational needs are met. These can range from emotional and physical needs, to specific learning difficulties. I make referrals to outside agencies if a child’s needs cannot be met in school. I liaise with parents, teachers, outside agencies, social services, other authorities and schools to endeavour to make sure professionals are involved where necessary.

I also lead our excellent Care and Support Team who provide sensitive, professional support to the whole school community.

We are here to support our parents in lots of ways. Being a parent is a difficult job and sometimes we need that extra help, our role is to support you in accessing that help.

Perhaps it is just a phone call or email to offload your worries or ask advice. Or maybe you would like to come into school to see us. We want you to feel comfortable and for it to be a positive experience. Home and School working together gives the children the best outcome and we are happy to help at any time.

We can support you and identify any problems by completing an Early Help Assessment (EHA) this describes the arrangements and services that are on offer to help you and your family. It is about bringing everyone together and talking about the best way to give you the help that you feel you need.

Sometimes this can be done in a meeting which we call Team Around the Child (TAC). TAC is to support children and young people from 0 to 19 years. The assessment may identify that all the help you need could be managed in school or to involve another agency and arrange the TAC meetings.

Everything is done with your knowledge and agreement.

I can be found in school from 3:10 onwards Monday – Thursday and 12:30 – 3:00pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I am happy to be contacted via telephone, email or letter at any time and will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

Sandra Davies – FLO and Learning Mentor

I am Sandra Davies and I am the Family Liaison Officer and Learning mentor.

My role within the school is to provide support, guidance, friendship and advice.

It may be that there has been a bereavement within the family, a housing issue, separation /divorce or a health concern. Sometimes we all experience emotional or physical issues and these times can be especially challenging when there are people who depend on you.

I can support and help families/carers by accessing outside agencies and making the necessary enquires if needed.

Anything discussed between a family and I will be treated with confidence and respect.

You can find me in reception on:

Every morning from 8.30am or make an appointment at the office to come and see me during school hours. Coffee mornings are another way to come along for a chat, access the internet, have a coffee and relax!

Joan Prime – Learning Mentor

I am Joan Prime and I am a Learning Mentor full time. This means that I can give my full attention to ensuring that all pupils are reaching their learning potential by providing them with support whenever and however they need it. This may be in a 1:1 capacity where perhaps they sometimes struggle in class and just need someone to sit with them and help get them back on track or perhaps there are problems in the playground and they need supporting in social situations. I also run small groups working on areas such as self-esteem, social skills and anger-management which are good life skills to have and can help make a child’s experiences at school more rewarding.

I encourage and facilitate children to better master their emotional responses to situations in order for everyone to have a greater capacity to enjoy life, cope with stress and achieve emotional balance.

I can be found in school Monday to Friday 8.30am-3pm, for a chat or feedback.

At Christchurch Juniors Church of England School we believe that happiness is the key to success and have a holistic approach to our pupil and family’s welfare. To help our pupils, parents and carers we have an established Care and Support Team working within the school. The team members can offer specialist help, support and advice and can be easily contacted directly, through the office.

The Team is made up of:

Julie Holder - SENCo

Joan Prime – Learning Mentor

Sandra Davies – Family Liaison Officer and Learning mentor

Elaine Johnson - Attendance Manager




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