Kid’s Zone

Here are some English games.

Spelling Match
Match the words with the meanings

Starship English
Help star fill the rocket with fuel

Story Maker
It's fun and easy to write amazing stories!

Can you help the princess get out of her tower by
spelling the words correctly?

Spin and Spell
Listen and Spell

Oxford Owl
Help with your reading

Talking Stories
A game of talking stories

Bite Size Pages
Various Literacy Bite Size Pages

Children's Poetry Archive
Listen to poems

Here are some Maths games.

Learn your tables
Practice your times table skills

Can you figure out which numbers go where?

Skater Math
Complete the maths questions to avoid the objects.

Number Twins
Make Pairs add up to a selected number to clear the screen

Who wants to be a Mathionaire?
Can you win a million?

Math Brain
Work your way through all 25 exciting games!

Soccer Subtraction
Get the sums right and score a goal

Math Lines
Shoot the balls that add up to ten before they fall down the hole

Maths Dictionary
Printable maths charts


Here are some Science games.

Fish Food
Work your way up the food chain by eating everything smaller than you

Digger and the Gang keep getting stuck - Can you help?

Sprocket Rocket
Fly through rooms and adapt your Rocket to collect all the cogs

Teeth and Eating
Munch Munch Munch!

Changes in Minerals
Can you help the detectives solve the puzzles in time?

F9 Kids
Lots of Space Games

Planets and Moons
Learn about the Solar System

Sid the Science Kid
Fun with science


Help grow plants

Here are some History games.

Fling the Teacher
Answer questions on the great plague to fling your teacher

The House Challenge
See if you can 'set the scene' correctly in a Greek home.

Be a brave knight in a Tudor joust!

Mummy Maker
Help Kha, the chief embalmer

Horrible Histories
Clips, songs and Games from Horrible Histories

Young Explorers
Time Explorer

Victorian London
Travel back in time to 1870

Manchester Childrens University
Visit Manchester Childrens University

Famous People
Explore the lives of famous people


Here are some Brain Builders.

Can you catch all the bugs?

Connect Four
Can you beat the computer in this classic game?

Leap Froggies
Bounce the frogs to the other side!

Parking Mania
Parking is much harder than it looks!

Maze Race
Race the computer to the end of the maze!

Wolf, Sheep and Cabbage
Can you move the Wolf, Sheep and Cabbage to the other side of the shore?

Pool Practice!
Try your hands at the ultimate pool simulation game!

Blind Spot
Test your memory

The Missing Jigsaw
Find the Missing Jigsaw


Here are some Fun Links.

Roman Mosaic

Make a mosaic with different colours and patterns

Escape the 13th Floor
Can you escape the building by finding all the objects?

Create your own pictures and hang them in the online gallery

Horrid Henry
Visit Horrid Henry and his friends at his very own website

Travel round the Islands to complete all the games

Pac Man
See how long you can survive for in this retro classic!

Memory Game
Test your memory

Name that shark
Test Your Shark Knowledge

Drumming With Franny
Drum along with Franny!



Here are some Game Links.

Wizard Balls
Use the magic to blast the balls

Tomato Bounce
Use your mouse to stop the tomatoes splatting on the floor!


Are you a pool master?

Bouncing Balls
Knock down the balls to avoid being crushed!

Marble Lines
Shoot the marbles to clear the line befor it reaches the end


Destroy the Stars by connecting 3 or more of the same colour

Tic Tac Toe
Play against the computer


Bobo Snake
Feed the snake and watch him grow


Ball Control
Ball Control game


Did you know?

Around 150,000 new books are published each year in the UK. 


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