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                                        Are you 'Keel' enough to read this book?

Barry Loser is one of the 'Keenest' boys in the school until..... Darren Darrenofski turns up to totally ruin his life.Burping in his earhole, throwing ring pulls at him, laughing at his nose and family is not enough for Darren; he even dares to call Barry a loser! Luckily Barry knows Darren's weakness and tricks him into kindness. But does it last beyond the talent show? Who will win? Could it be the trumpet-faced twins, vending machine mum, cool girls, the sandwich lecture or the great Darrenonzo and his Dustbin lid of Death? I like the funny cartoons and random silliness.

                                    If you don't read this book you're a total loser!!!

                                                               By Gabriel 4P





This book is all about a boy who thinks his holiday is going to be boring. Well, to see if it will be, read the book. It’s really funny and I do recommend it. It’s a perfect book for everyone that likes pirates and funny adventures!

By Maria 5K





I liked this book because it has multiple endings and there’s a lot of gripping fights. The storyline is excellent and I like the luck, stamina and skill aspects of this series. I was hooked onto it like a coat hanging from a peg.

By Cameron 6W







I recommend this book for anyone who likes intricate stories filled with good guys, bad guys and more good guys. Walter Kettle is a boy with a secret. He is a superhero. Jeremy Stinkleman-Grubb, sorry Winkleman-Grubb is a villain. A giant bogey villain in fact. The first of the Squirrel Boy books is treemazing! Ha, see what I did there..bye bye.

By Gabriel 4P 


zoeandswiftZoe and Swift is a very good book about a girl who could run so well that she could, one day, run in the Olympics. Sadly, she broke her leg and might never run again. Her mum sends her to City Farm where Zoe discovers her new talent, but her mum is so worried she won’t let Zoe ride.

Will Zoe ever ride again?

By Maria 5K







I enjoyed this book a lot.

It is non-fiction and very informative about an American spy in World War II named Virginia Hall. It says that she was one of the greatest spies in WWII and all you need to know is in the contents of this book. It contains photographs taken at the time and wonderful, legible illustrations with captions underneath. When you come to important vocabulary that you are not sure of, it will probably be highlighted in bold and you are then able to flick to the back of the book and look in the glossary for the definition, e.g. regulations. At the back of the book there is a timeline of Virginia Hall’s career and also an index.

             This is a wonderful tale based on true events and I recommend this book as it is very good.

                                                                                 By Emily 6T


malalaI liked this book, it gave me a lot of information that I didn’t know before. The book was well written and easy to understand, it had all the features of a non-fiction book, but didn’t just tell me about Malala Yousafzai, it told me about the people who were associated with her too.The only problem with this book was that there wasn’t enough of it.                                       

I would love to have read some more!

By Ruby Redwood 6T




This book is perfect for all horse lovers, but I do recommend it for anyone who loves animals too. Really short, but it also shows the relationship between a girl and a horse.

By Maria 5K









Violet Mackeral’s Brilliant Plot is a story about a girl named Violet who is desperate to get the beautiful blue china bird. All she needs is £10! Violet tries lots of different ways to get the money for the bird, but eventually making friends with someone new turns out to be the best way.

I liked the story because it was quite funny and descriptive especially the unexpected ending because of the twist. I liked Violet because of her adventurous nature; I also like her mum because she was quite calm and kind.

I would recommend this book because it was very funny, exciting and adventurous with lots of different natured characters. Also, it was a book that makes you wonder.


By Anya 4M


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