"Art is man's nature; nature is God's art."

-Philip James Bailey

The Art and Design Programme at Christ Church CoE Junior School is committed to creating a learning environment in which students study and explore in the same way as artists and designers and historians. Each project is complemented by the development of an arts vocabulary, the study of the history of art and local visits (field lessons.) The possession of an arts vocabulary promotes development of strong communication skills, encouraging students to speak for themselves and articulate their views confidently. In learning to express themselves in visual ways, students will sharpen their powers of observation, imagination, and invention. We aim to help students develop their creativity, as well as the ability to communicate their understanding of the world around them through visual arts.

A major focus of this year's curriculum is the sketchbook as a means of observing, recording, and learning about the environment that surrounds us. Thanet is an area of great natural beauty with a rich history. The sketchbook is a means of capturing what is learned from the local area during field lessons. It is also a means for children to consider ideas, explore forms in which they are interested, record reflections, problem-solve and plan future projects.

We are very fortunate to welcome back Artist-Educator Karen Vost to the School whose time with us at Christmas making festive wreathes with parents and students for the entranceway was a great success. Over the next two terms she is teaching a two-part special session on sketching techniques with each year group. Drawing is a fundamental life skill and we believe it is essential to primary education so we are immensely pleased to offer our students expert tuition to develop their skills.

Also, we are thrilled to announce plans for a Beach Art Workshop with Karen in Term 6. The final date is still to be decided so please check back to reserve your place. Details to be included in the newsletter under a new heading "Art Happenings."

 Plans for a Communal Art Project!

 Local artist and educator EJ Laven has a wonderful vision for a new mural on the outside wall of the lower school. It is a concept that celebrates the individuality of each student while demonstrating the coherence and energy of our school community.

Best of all, this project exposes our students to the medium of clay and will give the artwork a three-dimensional quality. Parents will have the opportunity to contribute to the project so please do consider getting involved. We aim to formally unveil the finished project at our annual Laze on the Lawn event... 

Did you know?

Around 150,000 new books are published each year in the UK. 


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