Design and Technology

"For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God."
-hebrews 34


 At Christ Church, we believe Design Technology is best taught through topic based cross-curricular lessons demonstrating to our pupils that it is part of our everyday lives.Pupils are encouraged to work both independently and working as a team, learning the importance of co-operation. They develop their ideas through exploring existing products and researching designers both current and from the past.

 After making a prototype of a product using a variety of materials and techniques, the next stage is creating their own design criteria, taking into account the end user, materials and skills needed. With constant reference made to the design criteria, the pupils make their own product. A final evaluation is then made where the pupils consider if the end users’ needs been met.

 We have a clear progression of technical/practical skills taught throughout the year groups, with a wide variety of tools and equipment to support this, which the children are encouraged to use safely. Our topics vary with each year group from making working lighthouse in Year 3 as part of their lighthouse and field work topic and constructing Roman ballistas in Year 4 as part of their Roman Empire topic, to making working moon buggies for astronauts in Year 5 and egg protectors in Year 6!

 We now have a greater focus on Nutrition within the Design Technology curriculum. We believe it is essential our pupils are taught about the importance of a healthy, balanced diet enabling them to make healthier choices about their eating in the future. A progression of nutrition skills are built upon each year, ranging from practical skills to how food is processed and where it is sourced. Each class creates three simple savoury dishes throughout the year, from Greek cheese pie to Chinese fried rice. We also celebrate many festivals throughout the year and create typical significant foods.  We hope you will enjoy some of the foods brought home and shared!

 We encourage strong links with the community and other schools to widen our pupils DT knowledge, experiences and enjoyment.  At Christ Church we know we are nurturing and encouraging our innovators of the future!


Did you know?

Around 150,000 new books are published each year in the UK. 


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