Year 3



Miss Holder, Mrs Bicheno and Mrs Badder would like to welcome you all to Year 3 at Christ church Junior School.

Let us explain how Year 3 is organised and also highlight important aspects of our year group.


Mrs Badder - Matisse Class Teacher

Mrs Miles - Teaching Assistant Matisse Class

Miss Holder and Mrs Bicheno - Van Gogh Class Teacher

Mrs West - Teaching Assistant Van Gogh Class


Through the year English lessons at Christ Church will incorporate creative writing, spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, speaking and listening skills, drama, handwriting, non-fiction work and research skills.

To help with their work, and to foster a love for reading, we would like the children to read for a minimum of 15 minutes every evening. Please record any reading your child does in their reading record book. Encourage reading of all kinds including magazines, instruction manuals, recipes etc, what we want to encourage is a love of books and reading.

Maths lessons will include mental arithmetic, using and applying maths skills, number facts, calculations, understanding number, shape, measures and data handling. We expect children to learn times-tables focussing initially on 2, 4, 5, 6 and 10, Please work with your child to learn these vital number facts, and use them at any opportunity you can in the home.

Each term Year 3 will also learn and develop History and Geography skills through a topic. We aim to choose topics that the children will love, so that they will face school and lessons with enthusiasm. Year 3 this year will start with the topic ‘The Stone Age’.

We also teach Science, Computing, French, PE, Games, Art, Design and Technology, PHSE, Dance and Music. This year there will be a strong emphasis on writing, including joined up handwriting.


Your child will bring home English and Maths homework books (details in homework section) and a reading diary which they should take home and bring back into school daily.

PE kits should be left in school as PE takes place regularly during the week. No jewellery should be worn, so if your child wears earrings please show them how to remove them, or provide tape to cover them (we cannot provide this tape). We also ask that long hair is tied back for PE (for both boys and girls). Children can wear white t-shirts together with blue shorts. Dark tracksuit bottoms and socks are generally worn for games lessons during the winter months. Please encourage your child to take their PE kit home at the end of each term, and make sure that the clean kit is returned on the first day of a new term.

For lessons the school provide all essential equipment, but they can bring in one pencil case with a pencil, a rubber, a sharpener and colouring pencils. In Year 3 we do not yet write with handwriting pens.  It is also important that water bottles are brought in daily, please refill these at home. 

Please help us to limit the amount of lost property in school by encouraging your child to take responsibility for their properly and by ensuring all equipment and uniform that comes into school is clearly labelled.


Homework for Year 3 is crucial. It will be an extension of work done in the classroom and there will be an emphasis on spelling, reading, writing and mathematical skills. Maths homework will be set every Monday, to be brought back on Wednesday. English will be set on Thursday and returned on Monday. There may be other Maths homework set online using school approved interactive websites.  All Year 3 pupils have a login and if they need reminding then they should ask a teacher.

If your child struggles with homework at home we have homework after-school clubs running on Monday for Maths and Thursday for English. At the club a member of school staff will be on hand to encourage and support your child with their work in a relaxed environment.


During the year we will plan a number of trips both locally and further afield. Trips will relate to our topic subjects and will enhance the pupils’ learning experience. Details of trips will be available nearer the time.

Year 3 will also enjoy swimming lessons at the Ramsgate swimming pool. You will receive a separate letter confirming details of when this will start.

All school trips can be extremely rewarding and stimulating for your child and any parental help on these trips is always appreciated. A consent form is signed at the beginning of the year, which covers all local trips by foot.


In Year 3 children will have the opportunity to develop a responsible and mature attitude towards each other and in their approach to their work. There will be a strong emphasis on each child ‘doing his/her best’ in order to achieve their potential, and taking responsibility on working towards their targets. Our aim is to encourage independence in working, yet also promote co-operation in group situations. Good effort and behaviour will be positively reinforced through praise and Dojos. Your child can tell you about the Dojos!

In Year 3 we aim to both manage any unacceptable behaviour as well as praising and rewarding excellent work and attitude from pupils.

For children whose actions adversely affect others or disturb lessons we have implemented a three stage discipline procedure. The first incident will result in a warning from the child’s class teacher. Should there be a further occurrence during the same day, the child will be moved within the class for 5 minutes. Another incident in the same day would result in the child being sent to a different class for 30 minutes to complete a time out sheet about their behaviour. They will then have to attend a ‘time out’ session during lunchtime play, supervised by the Deputy Head to complete their work, and the Class Teacher will contact home that evening to discuss with parents/carers.

We are always looking for opportunities to reward children for hard work, effort and behaviour at school. Each week class teachers will choose two children to receive ‘Head Teacher’s award’ who will be congratulated during Celebration Assembly.

The school also awards children with a ‘Care, Courtesy and Consideration’ trip three times a year. We will be looking for Year 3 children who demonstrate these qualities to be put forward for these days out.

We are very much looking forward to working with you and your children in the coming year. If you have a query or concern please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your support.

Miss Holder, Mrs Bicheno and Mrs Badder

Year 3 teachers

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Around 150,000 new books are published each year in the UK. 


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School finishes on Wednesday 20th at 2pm. School returns on 4th January.